Healium Lightformer

The app for 3D, LIVE, REALTIME Light, LED and DMX controlling.


Key Features

The app for 3D, LIVE, REALTIME Light, LED and DMX controlling.

True 3D

he_lightformer_icon_3dHealium Lightformer offers real 3D mapping and controlling. No voxels, no presets, you can place your equipment in virtual space just where you want.

Lightformer has special Fixtures to speed up the setup process such as Linear Strip, Spline Strip, Polygon Strip, Cube Strip, and with Mesh Strip you can even use a 3D object to define your fixture distribution.

Plenty of 3D Effectors let you control your lights, and the way you can combine them is only up to your creativity.

Node based architecture

he_lightformer_icon_nodeThe extensible node based architecture lets you build anything. Hundreds of different nodes helps you to build the craziest projects ever. In the node library you can find different Fixtures, Effectors, DMX related components, Math, String and Array utilities, Time based nodes, a wide range of I/O (MIDI, OSC, Audio, Video, Serial, …) device, and much more.

You can build your own nodes too, you just need to use an Importer node to load one of your previous works, and it’s done. This way you can reuse parts of your work, and you can spend more time on the fun part.


he_lightformer_icon_realtimeLightformer is completely realtime. It means you have the opportunity to create interactive projects based on audio input, camera, capture card, or Syphon / Spout image, different sensors, and even on serial input. On the other hand, you have control over time, you can play your project with custom speed and direction. You also have time based nodes such as Timeline, LFO, Interpolation, and are also able to choose each individual node’s time source.

With the special UI nodes you can build your own custom control surfaces, and open them on your favorite.smart devices.


he_lightformer_icon_crossplatformLightformer runs on the three major – OS X, Windows, Linux – platforms, and offers an OSC based system to build and publish custom control interfaces on any mobile platform.

In the future we would like to bring the whole experience to mobile devices in a native way.

Other Features


Intuitive DMX Mapping

Besides the hundreds of DMX presets you can build and reuse your own fixtures in an intuitive, node based way.

Complete Workflow

Our system is based on a Setup – Edit – Perform workflow. In Setup mode you build the physical part of your project: add Fixtures, set their DMX Map, and connect them to the controller Devices. In Edit mode you build your effects, add interactivity, connect MIDI or OSC, then in Perform mode you control them in real time.

Plenty of Fixtures

Individual LED pixels, LED stripes, PAR lamps, Moving Heads, or the newest DMX devices? Lightformer supports most of them out of the box, and we add more and more new devices with the latest capabilities to the Node Library.

UI Editor

With special UI Nodes you can wire almost any parameter to your virtual control desk. And you are also able to design it the way you like.

Record – Playback

Lightformer can record and play back (on custom speed) a whole show, so you can use it to build time critical projects too.

Hundreds of Effectors

The Node Library contains plenty of 3D Effectors, and you can connect them in chains to create breathtaking visual effects. You can find volume, direction, video based Effectors, as well as position based ones for kinetic installations for example.


Lightformer supports many of them. Using raw DMX, ArtNet, Arduino or Raspberry is not an issue.


Different input and output Nodes help you to connect the real world to it’s virtual manifest. Audio, MIDI, OSC, Serial, Kinect, Leap Motion and so on. You have the power to bring life to your projects using the latest technologies.